Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Experiment Begins

The plan today was to ease the kids into healthier eating.  I cut up some vegetables and had them sitting on the kitchen table when the kids got home.  I figured I would just see what happens.  When Jordy came home from school and saw them he excitedly asked me if he could have some.  I said yes and couldn't believe it as he ate half the plate without requesting a chocolate sandwich.  While he was sitting there I pulled a loaf of whole wheat bread out of a grocery bag.  I had no intention of trying to get him to eat it as I have tried before and I know he doesn't like it.  I actually bought it to make bread crumbs for a recipe.  As soon as he saw it he asked if it was "brown bread".  I told him yes it was and took out a piece to show him.  Both he and his friend thought it looked good and wanted some.  His friend wanted it plain however Jordy wanted a chocolate and peanut butter sandwich.  Nonchalantly I suggested he just have peanut butter and he said ok.  He then ate the whole sandwich with a glass of milk.  So whole wheat peanut butter sandwich, vegetables and a cup of milk for after school.  Not bad!

When Danya came home she wanted to know what there was to eat.  I pointed her in the direction of the vegetables and she was ok with that.  She asked for salad dressing to dip them into which I was about to give to her when I saw the container of vegetable tahini.  I suggested that instead and she was game.  She finished the vegetables and requested more.  Later she returned to the kitchen when I was finished baking whole wheat popovers.  The recipe calls for them to be mini but I didn't have a mini muffin pan so I made them full sized.  I baked them for only a few more minutes than the mini's as they had popped.  I suggested that Danya put a little bit of jelly on top and she thought frosting would be better but I told her no, either jelly or peanut butter. In the end both she and Josh tasted them and enjoyed them with a little strawberry jelly spread on them.   
They didn't photograph well but they were cute.
On to dinner. Deciding what to make for dinner tonight was a bit of a process. I really wanted to find something that everyone would be willing to try and nothing to far out there. I settled on garbanzo burgers.

I renamed them falafel burgers or giant falafel for Jordy who doesn't like hamburgers. Everyone likes falafel so I thought we had a chance. Danya was upset that we wouldn't be putting french fries in the falafel like they do at her favorite falafel place. I had to explain that we don't always need french fries. Eventually she agreed and really liked the falafel-which I served in half pitas. Nadav wouldn't touch his but that isn't surprising. Josh and I both liked them and Jordy took a bite but was not happy about them being burger shaped and large rather than small and ball shaped falafel he is used to so he didn't eat them.

All the food I photographed today was the same color.

As we were in the middle of dinner we ran out of hummus. So I opened a can of chickpeas and made some. I only had vegetable tahini so the flavor was a little different and Danya didn't like it, which I thought was funny since she loves the vegetable tahini on it's own.

All in all not bad results for day 1.

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