Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pull Up A Chair

I recently had a revelation about the way we eat in our family.  For the past year I have been eating a low carb, low fat and mostly sugar free diet.  My husband and children on the other hand have continued eating their high fat, high carb, high sugar, processed food diet.  I have been very bothered about this but wasn't sure how to go about changing it and how to get a picky 10 year old and an even pickier 8 year old on board(my husband will eat most anything and the 2 year old will throw anything you give him across the kitchen).  The other day I was watching an episode of Oprah and became inspired.  After doing more reading and research I came to the conclusion that it isn't too late but if I need to do something now. 

My goal is to limit the processed foods-or as I like to call them, frozen crap.  I was going to completely eliminate them but couldn't imagine making homemade ketchup, mayonnaise etc.  I want to minimize white flour and bring whole wheat and grains into our meals.  I want to see my kids excited about fruits and vegetables.  I want to see them try and enjoy new foods- not just those that come from the freezer and can be prepared in the toaster. Homemade meals made with real, mostly natural ingredients.  I have seen my children enjoy these foods on occasion and wanted those occasions to come more often. 

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride.  I plan to include recipes and pictures of the meals I make.  I look forward to your recommendations and comments.


Lanie said...

Love the new blog. I'm looking forward to trying all of your new recipes and ideas (and I get to be the first to comment)!

Gila said...

I also watched that Oprah but maybe you will be the one to inspire me! You know how much I love Oprah!!

Arica said...

Lanie-Glad you love the blog! Thanks for being my first comment!

Gila-You inspired me to watch Oprah, so thank you!